Tamara Kay




To share God’s love through unique and personalized creations.
Not only is my mission to provide you with unique, one-of-a-kind pieces but also to share our story of hope and God’s amazing grace. We also want to promote awareness of rare diseases and all the many nonprofit organizations that we are passionate about. Our goal is to give back to these organizations from our profits. We use the best and highest quality material while keeping our prices reasonable. I strive daily to offer the best customer service possible with the utmost integrity.
Our Story
I’m Tamara Kay and thank you so much for visiting Kays’ Kollection. I was born and raised in a small county in North-Central Florida. I’ve always been the creative type, I have always loved doing arts and crafts.
Several years ago I was a director with an MLM (multiple-level marketing) company selling jewelry. After being in the industry for a few years, I really enjoyed seeing the smiles on my customers’ faces of how jewelry could make them feel. However, there were many that were not completely satisfied with the product and it was hard to change that working under someone else’s standards. I was also very limited on what I could do to improve customer service, which I believe is a key concept of business. I decided to open my own business and I started making my own jewelry with a purpose and something that my daughter could maybe take over since she is so crafty as well. Therefore, I named my business Kays’ Kollection after mine and my daughter’s middle name.
Marley is very creative and brings such joy, hope, and inspiration to others through her work. Marley was born with a rare genetic deficiency called Leukocyte Adhesion Deficiency -Type 1.
We invite you to check out our gallery of unique pieces we have hand crafted and/or painted. Read our stories (over on the blog page) about where we have been and where we are going. Comment on our stories, I love to hear how we have either inspired you or helped you. Wanna chat, contact us! 
My promise
My promise to you is to provide excellent customer service. I will listen to your requests until your piece is exactly the way you want it and I will communicate through the entire process.